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The Meeting Factory

ServicePro Italy has conceived and developed a practice for fostering region-wide Business & Channel Development initiatives with the following features:                        

  • Customized and Complete Format;
  • Predefined and fixed budget;
  • Comprehensive management of the activity with a turn-key approach;
  • MDF/COOP Compliance.

The Meeting Factory is a proven and effective methodology that applies to:

The overall Benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Custom activity delivered in standard mode; 
  • Predefined costs and no budget overruns; 
  • Comprehensive outsourcing of the activity: creativity, graphics and concept; 
  • Invitations/registration forms/mini-website/thank you mails; 
  • eMailing and recall (optional); 
  • Secretariat services and Web support for registrations/infos; 
  • Location selection and logistics; 
  • Sales material  kits; 
  • Feedback and EOC Forms; 
  • Supplier Management; 
  • Follow up activities; 
  • Policy compliance and detailed reporting (tracking, final report, result analysis and ROI measurement).